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I retired with my husband of 42 years in late 2012. We live  in Upstate South Carolina on our property of six acres. Finding very little information on the emotional and psychological transition from career to retirement, I started kathysretirementblog.com.  Like many best laid plans, our retirement and our life did not go the way we thought it would.  Retirement, like life, is full of changes.

I spent my career working in banking and real estate, both commercial and residential, local and national.  As we retired, I started a journey of rediscovery of who I am without my career. I took up new hobbies such as drawing and knitting and expanded old ones, most notably, gardening by taking the Master Gardener Program training. Obviously, I quench my thirst for writing by blogging about my experiences and insights.

One of the experiences I never expected and was totally unprepared for, was Martin’s diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA).  PPA is a rare form of dementia robbing its victim of the ability to use communication skills – reading, writing and speaking.  Word comprehension is compromised.  Awareness of what an object is named and is used for disappears.  It is a slow agonizing progression.  I say I watch him die an inch a day.  I am his caregiver, a role I never could have dreamed of finding myself doing in a million years.

Martin and I have two daughters, six grandchildren and six cats. Yes, six cats, rescued cats, some inside, some outside, some both. While one of our daughters lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids, our other daughter lives nearby so we see one grandchild often.  Besides all of the above, I’m an accomplished cook, bush whacker, pen & ink artist and knitter.

Welcome to my blog. Visit often. I encourage comments, questions and your insights. We never know what the next day may bring.

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Welcome to my site!